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Additional shipping options in Magento

The standard shipping configuration in Magento is great for smaller sellers, but what if you wanted to add a custom shipping option? What if you wanted to add different shipping charges for the 196 countries that there are in the world today, perhaps you need to add weight bands to every one of those 196 countries too?.

Well this is what we were asked to do. We were asked to enhance the standard Magento options with something much more powerful.

A key feature that was required by our client wasn't actually to ship an item anywhere, but allow for a customer to place and order and choose to collect it from the websites physical store. Seems like asking the impossible you may think, to enhance the shipping ability to ship worldwide, yet also allow a client to simply choose to collect the product from a physical store instead! Well like the Magento ninja's we are, we made this possible. We installed a shipping matrix within the site which would enable a far greater control over the shipping AND collection of orders. Whether an item was being shipped to sunny Spain or wind swept Wales, we gave total control over shipping prices and the information given to the customer during the checkout process.

This is a must for any eCommerce website wanting to offer additional shipping options to their Magento website.

If you feel you could benefit from talking to one of our Magento specialists, then please get in touch.

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