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Has your Magento e-commerce site been hacked or fallen foul of any other security vulnerabilities?


We are specialists in fixing hacked Magento sites and installing the latest security patches and upgrades.


This dramatically reduces the risk of future problems with your online store.

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Magento is the most powerful e-commerce platform in the world and that has made it a much bigger target  for hackers. In the last few years, the platform has fallen victim to a number of security vulnerabilities. This has effected thousands of online retailers who were not properly secured against hacker attacks. 


Since being severely compromised a few years ago Magento now takes security extremely seriously and has been releasing a steady stream of security patches / upgrades which is great news for you and for your customers. It is vitally important that your customer's information is kept secure and Magento's security program addresses this issue.

As specialists in Magento security, Ecomus can make sure that if your site has been compromised we can repair it and then secure it against future threats by regularly installing the patches / upgrades as soon as they are released by Magento.


With Magento 2, security patches are included in the upgrades and so you need to keep your site regularly upgraded. This is much more complicated than just installing security patches but keeping up with the security requirements is an absolute must.

Magento stopped supporting Magento 1 in 2020 and with this stopped issuing security patches however 3rd parties have stepped in to bridge the gap and so merchants can continue to use Magento 1 and keep their security up too date.  

Keeping your Magento 1 or 2 website up to date and secure is one of our specialities .

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Check your Magento website with MageReport.


At Ecomus we take website security very seriously, we have years of knowledge and experience in fixing broken and hacked Magento sites.

We can install all outstanding security patches and then look at your server setup to ensure your site is completely secure.

Our rolling program ensures that you are kept fully informed of any future security issues, so they can be dealt with before things become a problem.

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If your site has been hacked or affected in any way you are not alone.

We have a simple 3 step process to fix your site:

1. Investigate to discover the extent of any hack.

There are a number of reasons why hackers will target your site and ways that they'll gain access. Only by knowing where your site is vulnerable and the extent of the hack, can we properly plan how to secure it.

2. Fix hack and apply all outstanding security patches.

Magento's security patches are an essential part of securing your site, so once we've fixed your site, we'll get to work securing it against future attempts.

3. Ensure site is running smoothly and is hack free. 

The damage done by hackers can vary so it's important to test the site thoroughly to ensure it is working as expected and is no longer vulnerable to attacks. The only real way to do this is to keep on top of future security updates. Once complete we will advise on server-side security and keep you informed on all future Magento security releases.


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Our friendly Magento experts are happy to answer your questions.

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