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Acorn TV have for years sold the best of British TV films and series here in the UK and throughout the world. Acorn until recently sold DVD's via catalogue, website and telephone but very recently have launched their own streaming service.

We were tasked with building them​ a Magento site and a separate bespoke order management system (OMS) to manage their business. The two were to link together seamlessly with data moving both ways between the two systems. The OMS was then to provide a platform were they could:

  • Enable the creation and management of products, customers, promotions, orders and returns.

  • Have an inbuilt checkout process linked to their bank using tokenisation for security.

  • Enter telephone orders in-house and link to their out of hours telephone ordering supplier and allow them to enter orders.

  • Have an inbuilt purchase order system and be linked to suppliers.

  • Be linked to their fulfilment company and manage the receiving and management of stock and the fulfilment of orders.

  • Allow for the creation of custom reports that were easily accessible.

  • Display sales data in a graphical format on dashboards.

  • Allow for the automatic blacklisting of potentially fraudulent purchases both through their website and OMS.

  • Meet all the PDI compliance and GDPR regulations and be secure. With the ability to upgrade to protect the system against new threats. 

The website was built on Magento and the OMS was built on Laravel and the two were linked via an API. If something was done on one it was mirrored in the other.​

​The two systems have worked alongside each other for many years without any major issues. The OMS acts as the system that manages their business with the website just acting as a sales channel for online orders. This allowed the website to be slim and fast and made its management and upgrading easier and less costly. The OMS was kept up to date by regularly updating Laravel.

The result was a system with a very high level of automation that enabled a very quick and efficient order and fulfilment process. It helped fuel Acorn's success in this market with the OMS repaying its investment ten-fold. 


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