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The world's fastest ecommerce platform

Built on Laravel and the best alternative to Magento


Laravel eCommerce

We use Aero Commerce, the worlds fastest ecommerce platform built on Laravel

Magento was launched in 2007 and as soon as we saw it in 2008 we started working with it, we thought it was brilliant.  We could see that it was going to take the eCommerce world by storm, which is exactly what it did and in 2018 it was powering 30% of the total market share.

M2 was released in 2015 but its uptake has been very slow.  It is aimed at much larger ecommerce operations with big budgets and not the small and medium sized ecommerce businesses that contributed to Magento's early success.  


Personally we believe it is too big, too complicated and too expensive for these smaller retailers and this has been one of the main reasons for its slow uptake.  

With Magento stopping the support of M1 in June 2020 this effectively signals the end of M1.  We will be continuing our support of our clients that are still on M1 for as long as possible, but their move to another platform is inevitable. 


This leaves many retailers in a quandary, M2 is no longer an attractive or affordable option, so what else is there?



We also build systems as well as eCommerce sites and about 5 years ago we started using the Laravel framework to build our systems. We love Laravel, we really enjoy working with it, it has some incredible features that have made it the biggest, most popular framework in the world.

Aero Commerce is built on Laravel and this makes it a lightning-fast ecommerce platform with performance at its core. It has a feature-rich base and the ability to extend and fully scale makes it the perfect platform for us as developers to produce bespoke, personalised and affordable ecommerce stores for our clients,  just like in the good old days with Magento 1.


We think Aero Commerce is the best alternative to Magento

Sites powered by AERO



website development tools
website development tools

Recent stats...

Speed Increase

Conversion Rate Increase

Monthly Cost Savings

Old Platform

Garment Quarter logo


1.68s vs 4.65s


3.69% vs 2.12%


£300 vs £2,000


Based on infrastructure costs

Pysche logo


1.36s vs 5.66s


1.87% vs 0.91%

Significant four figure monthly cost savings


Based on % of sales versus moving to infrastructure costing

Wave logo


1.42s vs 2.2s


2.84% vs 1.98%


£19,200 vs £30,000


Based on savings made not paying Shopify Payment Fees

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