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Add quantity box to the product page

One of our clients had a magento based website with a custom theme installed which of course allowed a buyer to add a product to the cart. Thats great and all, but in the efforts to maximise sales and to offer a better user experience to the customer, our client wanted to allow their customers to enter a custom quantity to add to the cart. So if the customer wanted to add 5 items to the cart, they simply entered 5, whereas in the original product file, the customer would have needed to click the "Add to Cart" button 5 separate times. Not very user friendly.

So we set work.

As you can see in the Original image, only a single item could be added by clicking the "Add to Cart" button.

Now you can see clearly that the changes made to the product page allow a customer to add a quantity directly on the product page and add those products to the cat with one click. A small change, but one that will undoubtedly increase the average per-order value.

If you feel you could benefit from talking to one of our Magento specialists, then please get in touch.

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