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Better Magento Checkout Login Button

We all know that the checkout is one of the most important steps when a customer places an order. We continually strive to streamline the process and/or make it a much nicer user experience altogether. We change colours, we increase and decrease font sizes, we even install one page checkouts to minimise steps before the all important "Pay Now" button.

One area we decided to make more prominent in the checkout flow was the "Log In" button. This is where a customer already has an account on a site and therefore simply needs to log in with their email and password. Once they have logged in, all of the address, phone number and in some cases payment fields would be automatically populated. A real time saver for the customer wouldn't you agree?

OK, so here is where we started. As you can see, the default Magento "Already registered? Please log in here" link isn't very prominent (have you found it yet?)

So, our goal was very simple, to make the default Magento login link as eye catching as possible, showing customers that there was an option to log in to their account right there on the checkout page. So here it is...

The new, highlighted log in button was the first thing your eye was drawn towards correct? A much easier to see, unmissable log in button.

If you have any Magento tasks you would like to discuss with us, then please feel free to contact us.

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