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Project length: on-going

We have been working with Berties Bows for a number of years.


They are using Magento 1 and continue to do so following the discontinuation of support from Magento (Adobe) in 2020.

Security Post July 2020 - Magento stops M1 Support

Berties Bows are currently on Magento 1.


As part of the security issues raised when Magento stopped supporting Magento 1 we moved Berties to being hosted with Sonassi, who we have found to be amazing Magento hosting providers. We signed up and install security patches released by 3rd party vendor Mage One to keep  the site as secure as possible. We also changed the payment provider to PayPal who were the only ones to confirm, prior to Magento stopping their support of M1, that they would continue their support of M1.


Security wise we believe this placed Berties site in the best possible place from July 2020 when Magento stopped supporting M1. 


We continue to install the security patches released by Mage One and review the site every month to ensure it is kept as secure as possible.

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