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Add a Go to Checkout button in the message bar

In an age of ever more complex confirmation pop ups when a user adds something to the cart, we decided to have a rethink and take things back to basics with great results.

We made a conscious decision to display a clear, on page success message in preference to the rather annoying pop up confirmations that many websites seems to be integrating at the moment.

First, I feel a little clarification is needed as to why we decided to choose against the pop up method.

In our opinion, it just adds an unnecessary step between a user committing to a purchase, and actually paying for it. We appreciate that this is a confirmation window, offering a choice to proceed to the checkout or continue shopping, but why do this in a pop up window? As designers and developers of eCommerce websites, we always look to streamline the [process between purchase and payment, obtaining this in as fewer steps as possible. The pop up method just adds a step of interaction, oh, and an extra click the user shouldn't need to make. Let me show you more...

This is what we were aiming to achieve.

We want to place this success message along with the "Go to Checkout" button right at the top of the product or category page (or any page) when a user clicks the Buy Now button on any product.

Once this was added to the page structure, we then ensured that this success message was responsive and displayed well on all devices.

+ Large Screen

+ Medium Screen

+ Small Screen

So as you can see, this approach leaves the user free to continue shopping without having to select this option from a pop up box. It also offers a very clear Checkout button which will of course take the user straight to the checkout, minimising the need for further clicks between buying an item and paying for it.

If you feel you could benefit from talking to one of our Magento specialists, then please get in touch.

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