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Special Pricing Column in Magento Admin Panel

We were recently approached by a large client running a very large magento website. The website itself listed 1000's of products. Products that were regularly offered with special or sales pricing.

The problem this particular client faced was that Magento doesn't offer the ability to quickly visualise those products that had a special price entered. This meant that the client needed to click into every product to see if the product had a special price or not, or surf through the site discovering which products had special pricing, returning to the product pages and manually searching and editing each product. A hugely time consuming task with such a large amount of products to manage.

Ecomus were charged with the task of solving this problem.

The solution was to allow the administrators of the site the ability to instantly see which products had a special price associated with the products.

We discovered that the client had no requirement to see the Attributes column within the Catalog & Manage Products page listings and therefore we decided to remove this column, which would then give us the room to add a special pricing column into their Magento admin panel.

The simplicity of this solution meant custom coding the admin area of Magento but the result means a HUGE saving in workload and time spent on monitoring special price products for our extremely happy customer.

If you feel you could benefit from talking to one of our Magento specialists, then please get in touch.

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