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Add a Promotional Offer box on Product Page - Magento

In a world where everyone loves a bargain, special offers are a part of every ecommerce website.

Magento has some great tools to allow for discounts and multi-buy purchases, for example Buy 2 save 5%, or Buy 3 save 10%. This is all fantastic, BUT, you need a clear way to display this offer to the buyer, a way to grab their attention. We needed to create a simple way to inform them that if they buy more, they could save money.

So, our task was to simplify this process during the creation or editing of a product found in the Magento admin area and we developed a very nifty solution.

By utilising a single upload folder and a simple copy and paste procedure for the sites administrators, we added code to the themes product page template that would result in this....

A perfect way to display a special offer I think you'll agree - clear and unmissable. A great way to display your special offers and increase sales.

If you feel you could benefit from talking to one of our Magento specialists, then please get in touch.

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