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Why choose Laravel for your new system

There are loads of companies offering web development services using a myriad of different frameworks and platforms that have various features and different functionalities.  Which one should you choose?

Firstly, what is a framework

Imagine you are cooking a new recipe in your kitchen. You must purchase the necessary ingredients that will be prepared according to the receipe, but you will also need some utensils such as pots, pans, cutlery, cutting board, etc.  In this example, these basic kitchen utensils represent the framework.  Every time you want to prepare a new recipe you do not need to go out and buy all the utensils you need again, you just reuse the ones you already have.

This is how a framework works. As developers, we need to add in the ingredients, prepare and cook them to your recipe (your requirements), but we re-use the utensils and this makes the development of your system much quicker and easier and you also get a much better product.

Now the choice is, what framework

There are lots of frameworks available and each has advantages and disadvantages and you will find proponents for each and every one.

We use Laravel and there is a good reason why.  It is the number 1, most used and fastest growing framework and we will give you 8 good reasons to choose Laravel.  But before we proceed, let us understand a bit about Laravel.


What is Laravel

Laravel is an open source PHP technology. What sets Laravel apart is the elegant and expressive syntax (utensils) that have been created and designed to speed up the web development process.

It has become the number 1 PHP framework, it is the fastest growing, and it has a large community of developers making it a safe choice for you to have your software built upon. 

We use Laravel to build everything from order management software, backend business platforms, subscription platforms, learning management systems and a whole load of other web based applications. Its also handles brilliantly the authentication of mobile app users and delivering content via its API to mobiles. 

We have built our own system called Dynamic Hub which is solely built on the Laravel framework and if it fits your needs we would love to talk with you about using it for your next big idea.

The 8 best reasons to choose Laravel

  1. Security

    In todays modern world systems have to be secure.  This is now becoming a regulatory requirement with the introduction of GDPR and other laws.

    Though there is no framework available which is completely secure to online hazards, Laravel offers a significant level of security parameters which are not available in any other framework.  Things like CSRF tokens which take care of the security aspect of the project, these tokens check each request on the POST and protect from someone who might change POST to GET the request thus making it more secure.


  2. Open Source

    It is an open-source PHP web application platform which makes it free and it has a very easy process for building big complex web applications with code maintainability.  This reduces the time it takes to build and so dramatically reduces cost.

  3. Its very efficient

    Laravel is known for its fuss-free approach to development as many of the widely used features and tools are already integrated into the framework. This saves a lot of time (and cost) in the development process.

  4. Can easily be scaled

    The clean and simple code makes Laravel developments easy to expand and develop further in the future.

  5. Complete versatility

    Laravel gives the flexibility to create an incredibly wide range of systems and functionalities. These can be included in the main first build or added in future developments.

  6. Libraries

    Laravel contains libraries that are full of smart and wonderful features that are very easy to implement.  Features such as encryption, password resetting, active user check, hashing and many more. These add to the sophistication of your project as well as reducing the time of development.

  7. Templates

    Laravel contains a templating engine to design unique layouts which can be used by other views throughout your project thus ensuring a consistent design and structure. This will give you a better, more friendly user experience.

  8. Community

    Laravel has a very active community.  This is very important as there are many ways things can be built and choosing the best way is vital, having a strong community enables a conversation to take place to discuss the best ways something should be built and developed, this gives you a much stronger, more robust system.


Why us ?

We are a high level development company and work with the best tools available. We specialise in Magento (the best ecommerce platform available) and Laravel (the best PHP framework available) to deliver unparalleled web software.

We use the Agile web development theology to deliver our software which helps us deliver the software our clients really want.

We mentioned Dynamic Hub

We have developed our own system completely built on Laravel that offers even more advantages over and above those of Laravel.


You can click below and try out our free demo of Dynamic Hub.  Have a play around and if you have any questions please get in touch and we will be more than happy to explain further. 

We offer a FREE DEMO of Dynamic Hub to show you how all this works and illustrate why this could be the best solution for you. 

This opens up a new window with a guest login for Dynamic Hub. Enter your email address and you will have restricted access.

You can have a play around and if you have any questions or would like a guided tour please get in touch.

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