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Hire us to work on your existing Laravel project

We are a highly experienced, highly skilled team of developers who have been working with Laravel since 2015.

We are happy to help businesses looking for Laravel PHP developers, agencies looking to expand their capacity, freelancers looking for support or anyone else who could use the helping hand of an experienced team.

We have a lot of experience working on large complex systems as well as smaller simple projects. We are available to assist with current projects or even take over should the need arise.

We use the Agile Project Management methodology to promote adaptive planning, evolutionary development and continuous improvement.

Agile encourages a rapid and flexible response to changes and gives the client more of a say over the system they want by providing smaller deliverables that the client can use and test and provide early feedback which can be incorporated into the development. 

Website Development

Laravel PHP


Our Laravel developers have an extensive knowledge of Laravel and we have been building systems with it since 2015.

We can help with large or small projects and can get up to speed very quickly and we use the Agile Methodology to deliver.

Website Build

API Development

Our Laravel developers have hands-on expertise in Laravel API generator packages that help us to create RESTful solutions.

These can communicate with third-party clients like mobiles and extend your reach up to a vast audience of the mobile landscape.

Magento Website Design & Build

Extension Development

Our Laravel programmers can develop special Laravel packages to satisfy certain needs such as ecommerce, payment, and many more.

Helping to give our clients the most comprehensive yet functional solutions.

Magenot Website Support

Support & Maintenance

We offer full maintenance and support services so you will never be lost for assistance and are always available for advice.

We also include software patching, Laravel version upgrades, and code optimisation to help you avoid accumulating technical debt.

We have developed our own system called Dynamic Hub which is completely built on Laravel. 

We offer a free demo, please feel free to have a look.

This opens up a new window with a guest login for Dynamic Hub. Enter your email address and you will have restricted access.

You can have a play around and if you have any questions or would like a guided tour please get in touch.

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