Has your Magento site been hacked or need security patches installed?

For a bit of background, Magento is probably the biggest ecommerce platform available, it is feature rich but technically detailed as far as running and developing it. As a result, many developers start to build Magento sites for their customers and run into technical problems. This could be an existing developer learning a new site or design companies without the technical knowledge to do it properly. At Ecomus we focus on getting <a title="Magento Design and Build" href="http://www.ecomus.co.uk/magento-design-and-build/">the technical side</a> right first, then building on <a title="Magento Design and Build" href="http://www.ecomus.co.uk/magento-design-and-build/">the design</a>.

Our other specialists service is dealing with <a title="Magento Hack Repair and Security Update" href="http://www.ecomus.co.uk/magento-hack-repair-and-update/">hacked Magento sites</a> and <a href="http://www.ecomus.co.uk/supee-9652-patch-for-magento-community-now-available/" title="Latest Magento Security Patch" target="_blank">installing the latest security patches</a>. Magento is a prime target for digital shoplifters/hackers and was targeted heavily a couple of years ago. As a result they were committed to releasing frequent security patches, which now come out every 6 months or so. There are quite a lot of companies offering to install these patches but it is vital that they are done correctly, otherwise your site is at risk of future hacks.

If the patches have not been installed or have been installed incorrectly then there is an extremely high chance that the site will be hacked, if a Magento site has been hacked there are not very many companies with the experience to deal with them. In-fact one of our recent customers couldn’t find anyone on the internet that would touch their site, fortunately we were recommended to them by another one of our clients. How years of experience and knowledge makes us specialists in dealing with all hacked Magento sites.

If you do need help with securing or recovering your site then we won't leave it there. Our ongoing updates and maintenance will ensure your site stays secure and we can take on <a title="Magento Hosting" href="http://www.ecomus.co.uk/magentohosting/">full management and development</a> of your site as needed.

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