Important Magento security patch 9767


Magento have just released their latest Security Patch SUPEE-9767 to further enhance the security of sites built on their platform. This comes a few months after their release of the SUPEE-9652 security patch, released in February this year. If you’re concerned about the security of your Magento website or have been hacked in the past then make sure to read the details below to update your site. You can also find details of our Security Patch Installations here. Alternatively, contact us to speak to a Magento developer about repairing and maintaining your site, including installation of current and future security patches or visit our Ecomus Patch – 9767 page on our website. —————————————————— SUPEE-9767, Enterprise Edition and Community Edition address several security issues. Security patch 9767

NOTE: Before applying the patch or upgrading to the latest release, make sure to disable Symlinks setting in System > Configuration > Advanced > Developer > Enable Symlinks. The setting, if enabled, will override configuration file setting and changing it will require direct database modification. Patches and upgrades are available for the following Magento versions: Enterprise Edition SUPEE-9767 or upgrade to Enterprise Edition Community Edition SUPEE-9767 or upgrade to Community Edition

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