Magento security patch 8788 - what to test

We have installed the Magento 8788 security patch on several of our customer's sites and here's what we think needs testing, due to the changes the patch is making:

* Check that the image uploader works OK. Note that the image upload thing breaks if you have ssl enabled on the backend but it's just http!

* Check that you can delete the customer address in the frontend account section

* Check that you can delete an item from the wishlist

* Do a test checkout with all the payment methods (Paypal express has been changed)

* Any outgoing SSL connections will now verify peer cert by default, but this testing probably covered by testing the payment methods

* Make sure you check the max dimensions of images in SC-Catalog->Product Image->Maximum resolution for upload image. Change to big like 10000.

* Downloadable products have been affected, test them if they exist

* Test image uplaoder works on CMS admin

* Test edit cart item

* Check dashboard still works especially on 1702.

* Check products add to cart works on product page

* Check you can update the qty of items in the cart

* Check you can checkout! Form key added to review/info.phtml

* Check customer can login on both the checkout and customer account

* Check you can add a review from the product page

If you can suggest any more areas that need testing please get in touch and let us know, hope this helps.

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