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The next big thing for small and medium size business.

It will allow a small / medium size business to compete with big business and give you the edge over your competitors.

  • What is Automation?  Automation is making routine tasks happen automatically without human intervention.


  • Why should I Automate?  The relatively small cost delivers huge benefits to give your business a marked advantage over your competitors.


  • What are the benefits of Automation?  We have listed below the benefits of Automation, they range from savings on staff costs, increased efficiency, greater productivity, faster processes, less mistakes, which all lead to happier ccustomers.


  • What happens if I don't Automate?  Large business has been automating for years and this has given them a huge advantage. The technology is now available to everyone and so it will help level the playing field for small and medium sized business to be able to compete with large business. We feel that Automation is inevitable, if a business does not Automate then it will not be able to compete effectively with businesses that have, such are the huge advantages of Automation.


  • What are the costs?  There are are two main steps to automation. The first is getting the systems to talk to each other and the second is writing the code to automate the tasks. These steps can either be achieved by using or adapting an existing extension or alternatively by writing a bespoke program tailor made to your requirements.

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Saves Money

There are several ways we can link systems, sometimes there is an extension we can install and configure, sometimes we have to write our own. Once installed though there is no further cost and you reap the benefits of saving time, money, speed, efficiency and productivity.

One of the biggest costs for a business is employment. Automated processes will reduce the need for staff or will free up staff to perform more complicated functions.


Computers process information far quicker than we can, they also do it constantly, without a break, 24/7, allowing orders to be processed immediately regardless of the time of day or night. Computers are also unaffected by holidays, sickness or lateness, all of which can negatively affect the time in which your customer receives their order. Research has shown that customers not only prioritise fast and clear websites but also rapid deliveries which is why some companies now offer same day delivery. This can only be achieved through automation.


Mistakes are inevitable and can involve several staff, your customer and your fulfilment company to rectify. All spending considerable time and effort. If you don't get this process correct you are guaranteed an unhappy customer.

Automated processes do not mistakes, they do the same thing time and time again.


Bigger business have had a huge advantage in developing integrated systems so they can process orders quicker than you, deliver quicker than you, now you can get that advantage for your business. Now you can level the playing field and get that advantage for your business.


The whole sales process from the customer first finding your site to receiving goods and then handling returns must be dealt with quickly and efficiently for your customers to be happy. Companies like Amazon have given customers this expectation.

Automation is the key to attaining this, in an increasingly competitive marketplace it is the key to a fast, efficient process and thus - happy customers.

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