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Aero is a performance-based ecommerce platform built on Laravel designed to better suit the needs of retailers 


Why Choose AERO

We have used Magento since it was built, why do we now choose Aero?

Magento was launched in 2007 and as soon as we saw it in 2008 we started working with it, we thought it was brilliant.  We could see that it was going to take the eCommerce world by storm, which is exactly what it did and in 2018 it was powering 30% of the total market share.

M2 was released in 2015 but its uptake has been very slow,  the trouble is that developers and retailers do not like M2.  It is aimed at much larger ecommerce operations with big budgets and not the small and medium sized ecommerce businesses that contributed to Magento's early success.  It is too big, too complicated and too expensive and this has been the main reasons for its slow uptake.  

With Magento stopping the support of M1 in June 2020 this effectively signals the end of M1.  We will be continuing our support of our clients that are still on M1 for as long as possible, but their move to another platform is inevitable. 


This leaves many retailers in a quandary, M2 is no longer an attractive or affordable option, so what else is there?



We also build systems as well as eCommerce sites and about 5 years ago we started using the Laravel framework to build our systems. We love Laravel, we really enjoy working with it, it has some incredible features that have made it the biggest, most popular framework in the world.

Aero Commerce is built on Laravel and this makes it a lightning-fast ecommerce platform with performance at its core. Its has a feature-rich base and the ability to extend and fully scale makes it the perfect platform for us as developers to produce bespoke, personalised and affordable ecommerce stores for our clients, just like in the good old days with Magento 1.



This is why we have chosen Aero Commerce

Magento Website Design & Build

Vision, Research,

We take time to get to know your business and understand the processes you employ to attract and sell to your customers.

Our extensive industry experience and addiction to research leads to an engaging, conversion focused website that stands out in the competitive eCommerce marketplace.

Website Build

Branding, Wireframes,
User Experience

Once we've gathered all the information we need, a designer will work with you to produce a design concept that expresses your company's personality and brand.

The concept will progress through various stages including the creation of wireframes, visual prototypes and responsive layouts.

Website Development

Development, Testing,
Fine Tuning

This stage of your website follows a strict development process, ensuring a smooth and timely delivery.

The build is split into bite-sized chunks all fully managed by our projects managers. We also give you a staging environment where you can get involved and see your site take shape. We want your involvement and your ideas.

Magenot Website Support

Training, Maintaining,

And we don't stop there, we offer regular ongoing training and support including videos to help you achieve the maximum from your store. 

Then, to make your store even better, we will develop your site further, making it better for you and your customers and enabling it to grow and adapt with your business.

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Our Work

Our work speaks for itself - see how we've helped our clients.

Magento Client - Acorn

Acorn DVD are running a multistore site, which incorporates their main store and their corporate store - The site is hosted with Ecomus running Percona and NginX.

Magento Client - Penloe

Penloe has our own YouTube lightbox extension installed, we have also completed quite a lot of bespoke development work on their site including an Instagram slider at the bottom of all the pages.

Magento Website Client - Whilwind

Whirlwind Sports has a great one page checkout installed from Gomage, which has really helped with abandoned carts/baskets.
This is an exact copy of the Penloe site with the css changed to rebrand the site. Done to reduce costs as they are the same company.

Magento Website Client - art of living

We have been working with Art of Living to improve their website and develop further integrations within Magento and Wordpress. They use Wordpress for the CMS pages and Magento for the catalog and shopping pages.

Magento Website Client - CRACKERS

We redesigned and rebuilt the crackers site in 2016 for the run up to Christmas, this being their busiest period for sales.

We gave the site a clean new look with much improved navigation and a smoother checkout process.

Magento Website Client - BODA SKINS

Bodaskins came to us with a hacked site which they had been quoted thousands to fix. We worked to remove the hack and advised them on the installation of security patches and consulted with their dev team to keep the site secure.

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Garment Quarter

(Replatformed from Magento to Aero)

Black Friday 2019 vs 2018

Ecommerce Conversion Rate

up 73.98%

3.69 vs 4.64


Order Value

up 8.57%

3.69% vs 2.12%


Costs Fell By


Average Page

Load Time (sec)


1.68 vs 4.64

Average Redirection

Time (sec)


0.06 vs 0.17

Average Domain

Lookup Time (sec)


0.01 vs 0.02

Average Server Connection Time (sec)


0.06 vs 0.07

Average Server

Response Time (sec)


0.42 vs 0.87

Our very experienced team are happy to answer any questions you have.

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