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We Specialise in Magento and Laravel 

including Aero Commerce

We are a high level web development company that specialise in ​

Laravel to build unique bespoke software systems and incredibly fast ecommerce sites 

- and - 

Magento to design, manage, develop and customise Magento 1 & 2 for our clients.

We are experts in Magento,  the eCommerce platform trusted by the world’s leading brands.  


We have been working with Magento since 2008, shortly after its launch and we thrive on creating cutting edge websites with Magento and design, develop, support, promote and grow Magento sites everyday here in London, Brighton and throughout the UK.

Now that Magento 2 is more established and widely used,  so the decision to move to version 2 makes sense.  

View our Case Study for our latest Magento 2 Design and Build that has recently gone live.

We build bespoke software systems using Laravel - The PHP framework for web artisans.


Laravel is a power-packed PHP web development framework that we use to rapidly build well structured, production-quality web applications that are secure, robust under pressure and easy to maintain.

Ecomus have been using Laravel to build systems since 2015. We work with many frameworks but Laravel is our favourite and the one that gets our development team the most excited.

We have recently started working with Aero Commerce, it is built on Laravel and is the fastest ecommerce platform in the world.  We think it is the answer for all those Magento 1 merchants who, for whatever reason, cannot go onto Magento 2.

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We design, build, develop, manage, advise and host Laravel and Magento

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