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Our Range of Services

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Using only UK-based expert developers, we cover all aspects of Magento;
Design, Build, Development, Management and Hosting.

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If your site has been hacked or if you need one or all of the numerous Magento security patches installed we can help.

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We can link your systems together saving you time, money, staffing & improving customer satisfaction.

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We have our own fully managed, dedicated hosting service to bring you a fast, reliable and secure place to host your site.

Magento Responsive Design


More than 50% of online shopping is done by mobile. Our Magento developers ensure your site views perfectly across all devices.

Magento YouTube Extension


Our YouTube extension, based on Amazon’s modal, is fully responsive and ideal to display your products and videos.

Magento Demo Store


Try our superfast, responsive demo site to see how your site could work.

Contact Us


To find out more about how we can help you create the perfect Magento online store, contact us now!

We are Magento Developers

In fact we design, build, develop, manage, advise and host Magento.

We offer a one stop shop for everything Magento, click here to find out more.

YouTube Modal Magento Extension

Styled on Amazon's Modal.

OUR EXTENSION IS FREE, available through Magento Connect or directly from us - click here.
Magento Developer Blog

We love to write about our work

As well as creating the fast and responsive Magento websites, we love to write about our development work and bring you the latest industry news.
Read our blog to find out what we’ve been up to, see some of our recent work and hear about all things e-commerce and Magento.

Visit Us On YouTubeVisit Us On TwitterVisit Us On FacebookVisit Us On Google PlusVisit Us On LinkedinVisit Us On Pinterest

Our Clients

Acorn DVD Ecommerce site
Allens of Mayfair Ecommerce site
Marching Ants First Aid Ecommerce site
Sticky Little Fingers
Arona Khan Ecommerce site
I Need A Transfer
Pavillion Insurance
Champion Timber Ecommerce site
Acorn Media Australia Ecommerce site
Buy Flooring Online Ecommerce site
Keevil & Keevil Ecommerce site
Mountain Bike Chalet
Finches Ski & Snowboard Ecommerce site
Business Director
Hertfordshire County Council
Carpet City
D&D Snacks Ecommerce site
Wholesome Fine Foods Ecommerce site
Zoom Ecommerce site
Whirlwind Sports Ecommerce site
Penloe Ecommerce site
Online Office Supplies Ecommerce site
Hotbox Stoves Ecommerce site
Crackers Ecommerce site
Chalk Down Lime Ecommerce site
Cloud House Vapour Ecommerce site
Rare Butchers

Customer QuotationThis is great news - many thanks for resolving this. Having gone through our share of other development companies it becomes obvious that their Magento expertise was another matter and it emphasizes the need for the gradual review of the site that you and I have been talking about.Customer Quatation
Anna Zydzik, Aneesi
Customer QuotationIt is simply a pleasure to recommend Ecomus to everyone. Our site is faster than its ever been and has obviously been set up correctly as we have had no issues whatsoever, on top of this the staff make it a pleasure to contact. Don’t know why I stayed with my existing provider for so long!Customer Quatation
David House, Allens of Mayfair
Customer QuotationI knew nothing about shopping online and Ecomus built me my first ecommerce site. They have led the way and built me a site I am very proud of. I cannot recommend these Guys strongly enough, First Class!!Customer Quotation
Declan Reed, Chalk Down Lime

Customer Quotation Perfect, loving these videos, they're really helpful. Customer Quotation
Dan Tancock, Penloe Ltd
Customer QuotationWe decided to move to Ecomus as our existing hosting company was just not providing the service we needed and we found it extremely difficult to contact them. Ecomus is UK based and offer a unique hosting service which allows for our varying traffic demands. The staff couldn't be more helpful and experienced and since moving to them we have enjoyed far superior speeds and reliability. Would recommend them wholeheartedly.Customer Quatation
Jason Gray, Acorn DVD